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Kilrock radio

Please help us! (thanks)

The people behind KilRock radio are passionate music lovers, who want to share as much as great pop music with you as they can. Willem Klomps, founder of KilRock radio, pays all the bills. Believe us: that’s a lot of money! (About $ 4,500.- a year.) Willem doesn’t have any sponsors at all, believing strongly listeners don’t want to hear commercials but music.

But we can’t rely on just his monthly payments by his boss to secure the future of KilRock, can we?

Listening to KilRock has an advantage or two. It is not a ‘tight formatted’ radio station, where the same record passes every two hours and commercials can be heard all over the place. The 24 hour cycle of the format is designed to surprise music lovers constantly. Our choice of music is catching on, our rates are rising, but so are our costs too.

If you are a KilRock radio fan, please help us to stay on the air and online. Just click the ‘donate’ button below and send us a dollar or five. Every day we manage to keep all expenses as low as possible. So we are very careful with our funds. Your gift is spent only to keep the station alive.

But there’s another reason why we ask your support.

A lot of classic pop culture will be lost if we don’t take action. The KilRock radio project is all about research, conservation and disclosure of populair cultural heritage. The project also promotes AM popradio as historical, cultural and technical heritage, connecting people from all social classes of the population.

Remember how many people listened to the offshore radiostations, how succesful these radio projects connected people with each other? That’s an important piece of history. We don’t want to lose this cultural heritage.

So please help us, donating just about five bucks by clicking the button below. Thanks for that!