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Nu op KilRock
Sleepy - Mrs. Bailey's Barbecue And Grill (7 inch mono mix)
Straks op KilRock
Bruce Cockburn - Sahara Gold
Wendy Waldman - Wild Bird
5th. Dimension - You're Good Enough For Me (as The Versatiles, stereo mix)
Mantovani & His Orchestra - Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (mono mix)
Curtis Fuller - Loquacious Lady (stereo mix)
Claudine Longet - Pussywillows, Cat Tails (stereo mix)
Bridget St John - Barefeet And Hot Pavements (stereo mix)
Berni Flint - I Don't Want To Put A Hold On You
Gilla - Kontakt (edit)
Barry White - Mellow Mood (part 1)